Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Urbana, Illinois 2/15/09

For the love of Jebus. Look at this photo, it's like I gave a monkey with Tourette's a camera. I'm going to have to start playing tambourine to get a photo of the crowd that's worth a shit.

Alright, remember what I was saying about the Clutch fans, how they rule, with the showing up early and the love of all things barley? Well just in case you didn't believe me I got some proof.

Exhibit A:

This is the line outside a good hour before the doors opened. Not show time. Door time. A big "sorry" goes out to the dude in the front who I blinded with the flash. My B.

Exhibit B:

Double fisting pitchers of beer. Not glasses or cans, straight pitchers. Animals. Our kinda animals.

I think Aaron is starting to lose his mind, for almost an hour he thought he was a cat. After these photos were taken, he spent thirty-five minutes chasing a fake mouse on a string around the green room. I'm not even going to talk about the fur-ball...

Bed time.


Tour to Live!

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