Sunday, August 22, 2010


Big BIG thanks to everyone who came out Friday night to party with us and the Gaffney family and raise a glass to a good friend we lost too soon - Brett Gaffney (AKA: BIG BAD 1975-2010). We got to party with some great bands, great friends, and at the end of the night had a grip of cash for the Gaffney's. Brett's brother, Jason, and Dan Kimbro started off the night with some hilarious and rippin acoustic jams and then LORD DYING tore Portland's face a new butthole with the heaviest metal this town has see in a loooong time. Seriously, these dudes are the real deal. I predict a complete takeover soon.. everyone will know this band!! Brett would have been stoked .. he woulda had his stoked face on, like this:
And when Big Bad was stoked, EVERYONE was stoked. Look at that face! How could you not crack up with that shit eating grin in front of you? And when Big Bad shredded - as he was known to do- everyone else shredded. Look at Jeremy in front of him trying to make babies with that Rickenbacker!
Brett, you were one of the best guitarists I've ever met and a fucking solid bro. I miss you and your stories of how some dickhead cut you off in traffic, or some idiot at your job fucked everything up and now you have to go back and do it all over again. I really do, brother.

Special thanks again to Chris and everyone at Plan B for hosting us and being so accommodating. You guys rule.

- Sherman

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