Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Los Angeles 10/17/10

I met up with the boys the next day and we loaded in for an early show at the Echo, which went off surprisingly well considering the doors were at 6:00. I didn’t think our type of crowd was up that early. I know we wouldn’t have been unless it was our show, shit, I forgot there was an eleven am until this tour started.

Anywho, Jared was happy to see his van back in one piece.

That was until we told him that there was no gas in it.

We told him that in lieu of gas we’d pay for all the drinks he could put down in the time it took Bryan to name every city in the world. Little did he know that Bryan was once in a freak accident involving a radioactive globe and now has the ability to do that in less than three seconds.

He wasn’t amused.
Thanks again Jared, we love you buddy!


Tour To Live!


  1. there IS an 11am? I thought that was just a legend.

  2. Yo Coyle,

    That getting up at 11 am must have made it seem like 10/16 was 2 days: the LA show was on 10/16 (not 10/17 like your blog says) and the SD show was on 10/17 (not 10/18 like your blog says). I hope you recover soon from exposure to that early morning sun.