Thursday, October 14, 2010

San Francisco 10/11/10

Man, I'm kinda pissed. There was all sort of fodder for this post. It was an awesome show, saw tons of friends, met some new ones like our new homegirl Heidi:

Who put us up in her insane loft that would make every hipster in Portland drop a load in their women’s jeans.

I could do an entire post just on this sign alone:

But no, you know what’s burned into my brain about this trip? The homeless guy on the corner of Mission and 17th. This was not your normal, asking for change homeless dude. He was sitting in wheelchair that was surrounded by trash, pants around his ankles, no underdrawers on, dong just laying in his lap like a chihuahua puppy. In fact it was about the same size as a puppy. A shower and some meds and this guy could’ve had a new career ahead of him. He seemed pissed at it too. He was aggressively slap/flopping it from side to side while screaming in a language that wasn’t invented yet. This wasn’t on a back alley or side-street this was right on Mission. Thousands of people walking by…

I wish they made Visine for the brain.


Tour To Live!

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