Thursday, January 13, 2011

So, the School of Rock kids have a totally...

So, the School of Rock kids have a totally bitchin' show this Saturday at Hawthorne Theater in Portland. They are playing all kinds of rad stoney songs you LOVE, and have even thrown in a Red Fang song - Good to Die - that I'll be sitting in on. The above photo is from our practice tonight, where these kids TOTALLY had our song down and I felt like I was the newbie! I was actually pretty nervous walking into this den of young shredders.. I mean, check out this pic below.. This is in the lounge where at any given time there are 20 kids just sitting around talking shit and completely SHREDDING!! They don't even realize how badass they are. These dudes were just standing there... SHREDDING!!!
Dude has on a VOIVOD shirt!!!!!!! So, if you live in Portland (or close), please come spend $10 to see some kids rip it up this Saturday at Hawthorne Theater 4-7pm. They are playing SLEEP, QOTSA, HIGH ON FIRE, COC, BLACK SABBATH, BLUE CHEER, and many many more.. By the way, the COC song they are playing is ALBATROSS - my favorite COC song (from that era)..

- Sherman

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