Wednesday, March 16, 2011

L.A./ San Diego 3/13-14/11

Los Angeles, CA 3/13/11

After bedding down for an extravagant three hours of sleep in San Francisco we jumped in the car and headed south to L.A. where we met up Lady Time aka/ Lady Fang aka/ Lizzy, Felicia, Ellen, Maureen, Meagan and Sera who were in town to be part of the studio audience for America’s Funniest Videos (yes, it’s still a show and yes they love it. I don’t get it either.)

We all go to watch as Forgash tried to do his best Frampton Comes Alive impression:
After the show our old friend Rynne invited us back to her place, which doesn’t sound that cool unless you know that Rynne is the longtime sweetheart of Danny Carey. Now I don’t want to sound like we are lining up to swing on Tool’s nuts like a bunch of spring breakers on a Lake Havasu rope swing but Rynne and Danny are two badass motherfuckers. You wanna talk about people that have every excuse to be assholes and are the nicest people ever… and I don’t want to splash their shit all over the web but the guest house they put Danava and us up in had it’s own guest house. No Joke. It was the first time in my life were I got out of the van having to pee so bad I thought I was going to die and thought “Holy crapballs, these bushes are too nice to piss in.” The whole night ruled, there was a late night jam…

…and hours of amazing stories from Danny about the early Tool days. We woke up to a fully catered breakfast and headed out, but not before Bryan got all ‘80’s inspirational poster in Danny’s Lamborghini.

We had to get a group shot:
I guess David and Matt decided to go for the “Just took down a ten point buck/ prison yard” pose…

San Diego, CA 3/14/11

We had been looking forward to this show for a long time for a couple reasons. A) San Diego always rules and 5) It was going to be the first time we got to see Jeremy’s new band OTRO. For those of you that are new to the blog you should know that Jeremy was in a band with Bryan, David and John called Party Time that fucking ruled. Now he is in San Diego in another band that rules. Look at him:
He’s like Bigfoot with a bass guitar, impossible to catch in focus, wait, oh my god, he’s the bassquatch! You know what? Sometimes I even impress myself.

After that there was nothing really worth talking about, just the same stuff we do after every show:

Tour To Live!

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