Saturday, May 21, 2011

Memphis, TN 5/18/11

For the love of Pete, Memphis was nothing but a blur of BBQ’d meat and awesome folks. It just seemed to never end. First off there was John:
John owns the Hi Tone where we played. Not only did he hook us up in every way possible at the club, but he let us crash at his place as well. He even let us defile his washing machine with a mixture of socks and T shirts that smelt so bad they could gag a maggot. He’s most likely going to have to find one of those teams that clean up after murder scenes to get the smell out of that thing. Sorry Buddy and thanks again.

After running errands in the morning we hooked up with our old friend Ryan Brown:

Who took us to Payne’s BBQ and this “I can feel it settling in my moobs (manboobs)” pile of awesome:

You know your getting some real shit if you see this when you go to piss:
(Just realized I used shit and piss in that sentence, that’s pretty ballsy. Would I be an asshole if I somehow got ‘taint in there? What a dick…)

Then we had to go check out the Stax Museum:

I’m not even going to ruin this by trying to come up with something witty. It was that amazing. Both humbling and inspiring.

From there it was over to Ryan and his wife Kristin’s place for some late night BBQin’. Ryan had some El Pastor that had been marinating for a day and we were more than happy to cram it into our maws.

Man, if the food keeps going the way it has been on this tour we’re going to have to rename this band Red Fat.


Tour To Live!

P.S. A huge thanks goes out to RB and Kristin for hooking us up with all things Memphis. Thanks a ton you two!


  1. or name the band, "red fart".

  2. I washed my washing machine. It now smells like ewocks.