Saturday, February 7, 2009


One show down, fifty-something to go. The Neurolux took care of us, we were a little scared at first due to the fact that when we showed up there was a guy sitting on the stage, in the dark, chain smoking, by himself. Oh, and there as also two guys wrestling on the ground in front of said stage. Besides that everything went off without a hitch. We stayed with our friend Greg:

He owns a skate shop in Boise called Prestige, if you are in town stop by and tell 'em Red Fang sent you.

That being said, we'd like to introduce the first installment of (triumphant horns in the background) “Meet The Dudes.” Today we 'd like you to meet guitar player David Sullivan.

That's him. Sleeping as usual. On average David sleeps somewhere between fourteen and twenty-four hours a day. The hours he is awake consist of writing computer code that would give Stephen Hawking a stroke and filling his body with the most random assortment of foods ever seen. Don't believe me? For lunch today he had a bowl of split pea soup, sushi, a turkey and egg salad sandwich (yes, on the same sandwich) and washed it down with a jug of apple cider. I can't make this shit up. Wait, we just stopped for gas and he came out with a slice of carrot cake and some strawberry milk, see:

Told ya, he's like a bearded garbage disposal.

Okay, gotta go.

Tour To Live!



  1. I am entranced by the guy's "LOLZ" shirt.

  2. Nesquick FTW! Come to New Zealand :D

  3. Thanks for playing Boise. Show was amazing!

  4. The girl on the right hand side of the crowd shot with the big flower on her shirt has an amazingly evil eye.

  5. I like David, hes cool. just about the best beard Ive ever seen. He eats weird like me, today Dinner was a whole zucchini uncooked, a slice of franz white bread with veganaise, bbq sauce and goat cheese on it, a heart shaped fudge cake, and all while sipping on carrot juice. My taste buds are pretty fucked up.