Friday, February 20, 2009

Chicago 2/18/09

If all the other dates on this tour shit the bed, there will always be Chicago. For starters we stayed with John's old friend Cary (I hope I spelled that right):
Cary is one of the those guys who felt like a long time friend after knowing him for two minutes . Our first introduction was after I was heckled out of the driver's seat, due to my inability to parallel park. Cary, who had been watching the whole thing, started laughing at me before I even had a chance to shake his hand. I knew we were going to hit if off right away.

Within five minutes of entering Cary's apartment Bryan got all Ben Kenobi on Sherman:

As we loaded in the snow started falling, making the already thirteen degree weather even more awesome. Luckily the wind was blowing a mellow 400 m.p.h. If you were facing into the wind it was damn near impossible to see. At one point, trying to make it to the van, I walked into a parked car. Not my best moment.

All that pales in comparison to the fact that, next month, the world famous Kuma's Corner is going to have a Red Fang burger! Fuck the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Red Fang has been deemed worthy enough to be listed among meatiest of the rock elite.

These ain't no half-assed burgers either. Here's my Metallica burger:
Definitely Kill 'Em All. No St. Anger here. This burger would rip Kirk Hammett's eyebrow ring out and then beat the shit out of him with Cliff Burton's corpse.

So all you folks out there in Chicago, stop in next month and see what Mike and the awesome crew at Kuma's came up with. If you got a second fire a photo this way.


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  1. did they dip the patty in ranch sauce? or mayo? or what? How the fuck are you supposed to get your mouth around that?
    I need to go to Chicago.

  2. How in the fuck do they expect you to be able to decide between the "Slayer" and the "Goblin Cock"?