Friday, February 6, 2009

East Bound And Down...

Here we go.
After months of wait, we are finally out on that dusty road once again. Shifts have gotten covered, merch has been organized, calls made, emails sent, punches thrown, songs practiced, gear fixed, van tuned up, bags packed, girlfriends and wives kissed good bye, teeth given one final brushing (or in Bryan's case, their first), van loaded and rubber burned. This is the reason we live: To tour.
We have spent the last two months preparing for the next two. Slowing adjusting our bodies to a diet of fast food and cheap beer to avoid toxic shock, sleeping on bags of old shoes with a dog hair covered pillow on a ferret piss stained carpet while Motorhead blares an inch from our heads... We are ready for anything the road can throw at us. There is nothing that can keep us from this.
Looking forward to melting your faces.
Tour To Live!

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