Monday, February 16, 2009

Little Rock, Arkansas 2/13/09

Once again the Clutch fans were a rabid bunch. They have to be some of the most loyal fans I have ever come across. There is a line at the door before we sound check, and that is usually hours before the doors open. Then, when the doors do open, they head right for the merch tables buy everything they can get their hands on, then it's time to double fist beers 'till they turn the lights on. So awesome.

The show was in this little dome in a strip mall parking lot:

It looked liked someone put the Kingdome in the drier for too long.

Oh shit! I almost forgot. Check out this tattoo:
Yes, that is Will Ferrell with a tranquilizer dart in his neck. You know—from Old School! F-in' amazing! Probably the best tattoo I've come across in a long time.


Tour To Live!

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  1. yes, we Clutch fans are rabid. But you dudes are doing a good job of addicting me to Red Fang!