Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Raleigh, North Carolina 3/11/09 Guest Editor: John Sherman

(Well la-de-da, one of the band finally writes something for their own blog and it only took five weeks to happen. Baby steps, baby steps...—Coyle)

We had been looking forward to this show for a while, with David and I calling Raleigh our hometown. Seen a lotta family and friends on this tour, but I knew the love would be ultra thick in the capital of the Pine State. First stop: Mom and Pop's for some real deal NC barbecue and sweet tea!

Now, everybody likes to throw around the term “barbecue” when referring to grilling out, but where I come from, barbecue means one thing: slooow cooked pork shredded or chopped and spiced with vinegar and hot peppers. It's often paired with cole slaw, hush puppies, Brunswick stew, and of course Texas Pete hot sauce. That last bit is a little confusing since Texas Pete is made in North Carolina and has absolutely nothing to do with Texas. Regardless, we all ate way too much and spent some QT with two of the sweetest folks I know —Ma and Pa Sherman.
The Pour House might be the best venue in town, now that the legendary King's Barcade is gone. We were lucky enough to have one of my favorite soundmen, Jack, turning knobs for us. Jack was making my bands sound louder (and better) way back in my teenage years, so I had no problem when he shooed me away, sat down behind my drums, and re-tuned every single one of them. He is the man. (Note to all other soundmen: Pease do not attempt!)
The Raleigh crowd did not disappoint. I love it when a Wednesday feels like a weekend! Familiar faces filled the club and everybody was drinkin' and laughin', huggin' and high fivin'... Some things never change. Too bad we had to split early the next day, but duty calls. Thanks Raleigh! I will always love you.

Big thanks to Paul and Cheetie from Birds Of Avalon for putting us up.


(P.S. More coming real soon. I know you have been worried...)

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