Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SXSW 3/19-21/09

Trophy's 3/20/09
FXFY 3/21/09
There was another show on the 19th but Sherman forgot to take a photo, lazy sonofa...

Okay, originally I was going to write this big sarcastic report about South By South West, but after some consideration I decided against it and here is why: Hating on SXSW is as fashionable as the ill fitting t-shirt, girls boots and costume jewelery wearing rockers that flood the streets of Austin during said event. But I will say that there is something about tens of thousands of people paying hundreds of dollars to spend three days waiting in line that is a silly to me.

That being said, I'm going to tell you my favorite parts of this years SXSW in no particular order, I'll keep it short. Ready?

1)Barging Whitey's ultra swank hotel room (which he was barging in the first place).
It was the kind of hotel with no lobby, just a “common area” that was equipped with a full stainless steel kitchen, design books, and furniture that was better know for its maker than comfort. The happy hour included free white wine and a bad-ass coffee/espresso/mocholattachino machine which Bryan combined into what we dubbed the yuppie speedball:
Notice the extended pinkies. That means he's classy.

They also had was an amazing porch with hammocks made out of seat belts...
Take that NHSTA!

They damn near had to drag us out.

2) Seeing Dinosaur Jr.
I have seen them before and they are always great, but it wasn't the show that made it for me. It was A) Seeing a Krishna, in full garb, bring Jay Mascis a chocolate cake in the alley before the show and B) The wall of speakers Jay had set up on stage.
Look at that, three full Marshall stacks all pointing right at him, like a rock and roll cubicle.

3) Watching Stand Up Comedy
Let me just say this right now: Unless it is a once in a lifetime show, I am only watching stand up at SXSW from this year on. It's the perfect counterbalance to the whole rock circus that is going on out on sixth street. John, Bryan and I showed up to watch an old friend of mine, Chris Fairbanks, perform and lucked out when Doug Benson, Brendan Walsh, Andy Kindler and Mark Maron were also on the bill. It's been a long time since I laughed that hard. The only part I'm upset about was missing Mark Maron get about five minutes of material out of Sherman, just drilling him while he sat alone in the front row...

4 )Hanging Out With Friends
You make a lot of friends on the road, and for the most time you only get to see them on, well, the road. So events like these where tons of bands are all in town for a couple days is a great way to pound a few, catch up, and have some laughs with old friends.

A big “Fuck yeah guys!” goes out to Lions for taking care of us once again, with an extra “You rule!” going to Austin and Bonnie for putting us up all three days. Hope the smell leaves your house soon.


Tour To Live!

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  1. We had such a blast!
    You guys are welcome here anytime.
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