Friday, March 27, 2009

Tucson, Arizona 3/24/09

World meet Chris Kaufmann:
If you ever get the chance to spend even one minute with this man, drop everything you are doing and suck in all that is Kaufmann. Chris has a zest for life that is rarely seen in our circle of friends. Half man, half black lab puppy, he is chocked full of great ideas and puts out the type of energy that makes you want to be part of whatever it is he's doing. Why not eat a burrito with a chili dog back? Mojitos made out of rum and Squirt? Sure. This is a guy who once talked one of our friends into gambling his last $10 in the middle of a tour by saying “Sounds like you can't afford NOT to gamble.”
So it was no surprise to us that, unlike most people who were in the middle of remodeling their entire home, Chris not only welcomed us with open arms but said “Well, all the furniture is already out of the house, let's throw a party!” And party we did, with great food...

Some old friends...
And good times all around.

Grab your box of tissues, here is where the story gets sad. Chris had been planning to jump in the van with us for the LA/San Diego leg of the tour, but due to some unseen remodeling costs, he had to cancel at the last minute. We were crushed. So with the mindset of “What Would Kaufmann Do” we pooled our money to get him some lottery scratchers in hopes that he would win ten thousand dollars, thus taking care of his money problems and making it possible for him to get in the van.

The end result: $15
He woke up in the morning took the fifteen, spent fourteen on scratchers and one dollar on Powerball. He came up another five but we're really hoping that Powerball pays off 'cause he promised us a trip to Europe and god only knows what he can talk us into over there.


Tour To Live!

P.S. A big thanks to Dana for the awesome sound at Plush!

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