Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Super Pro Radio Interview at an Ad Agency's Radio Station.

Aaron, Bryan, and John hung out with Alicia McDade yesterday on W+K radio, playing songs we dig and talking trash. You can check the podcast out here!


  1. Hey Coyle, put on the Budwesier sweater, crawl outta beneath that rock and post something. Like for example, what did you eat for breakfast this morning, or are you glad to have shared your cold with me?

  2. I'm such a geek for Red Fang that I downloaded it.


  3. Wow so the DJ thought that Crazy Train (Ozzy) was Black Sabbath? How could she mistake Rhodes for Iommi? That said, I doubt she caught that Pablo Picasso (never got called an a$$hole) comment that was made. (Reference from the Modern Lovers song.) I loved the Fleetwood Mac laundry comment, heh.