Monday, October 5, 2009

...Now This Is Happening...

I had this big idea. The last few weeks were going to be spent writing all kinds of shit that I could just bring on the road and plop in whenever needed. Nothing to talk about on the drive through Kansas? Drop this in this pre-written crap and make the masses laugh…

Oh, it was going to be funny and well written, in my head—people loved it. The Internet community was going to be all a buzz. “Like David Sedaris with bad hygiene” 420ALIENFACE would comment. “A not as drunk Bukowski” FREAKBUCKET69 would chime in. There would be piles of cash and calls from Rolling Stone begging me to do a Slayer in Budapest piece. Vanity Fair would bombard me with calls to do the first ever text only cover, no photos, in fear that one of their supermodels would ugly up my prose. But instead I spent the last two weeks working my ballbag off so I didn’t have to worry about rent or bills while on the road with the boys.

Oh well, it was worth it. Let’s do this.


Tour To Live!


  1. Coyle,
    You can still guest post at my blog.

    Good luck with the tour!

  2. Best laid plans, but hey I still find this is one of my favourite blogs to read and one of the few I comment on. Must be the honesty factor that I dig so much.