Friday, October 9, 2009


We had a day off between Missoula and Layton so we decided to take a little detour into Yellowstone, you know, get in touch with nature and shit. We made it into the park with a couple hours of daylight left and made a mad dash to soak in as much as possible.

For those of you who have never been, Yellowstone is an amazing display of geothermal energy. Everywhere you look there are things that will blow your mind. Such as fumaroles, which are these gigantic holes in the ground that sound like a jet engine spewing out a sulfur smelling cloud of steam.

Or these pools of boiling mud:

Or this patch of acidic bacteria, which they say can burn through boots.
Wait a minute. Sulfur smelling clouds? Boiling mud? Pools of bacteria? We got our own little Yellowstone in the van!

We couldn’t be drive all that way without seeing Old Faithful. Come on, that would be like going to Tijuana and not seeing the donkey show.

Anyway, when we arrived, we were told that it was due to go off within the next ten minutes, which was awesome because it was about twenty degrees out and none of us thought to bring any warm clothes. About thirty minutes later we were still staring at that god-forsaken hole in the ground freezing our twigs and berries off. We passed time by doing what most mature adults in their mid-thirties do:

Trying to make one of the most amazing sights on earth into a fart joke.

Finally, just as the sun was setting, it went off:
Isn’t it breathtaking? Oh, did I mention by “sun was setting” I meant a step away from pitch black? Which made driving in the blizzard-like conditions on the way out of the park that much more fun.

Notice how you can only see a blur of white out the front window? That’s not a camera trick.
Yeah, it was real fun…


Tour To Live!

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