Monday, November 9, 2009

Arcata, California 11/6/09

Glad to see John took some time on our days off to figure out how to use his camera. You know what the stupid part is? A good half of the photos on this blog are John’s. Photos that could ruin my run at the white house come out clear as a bell, but the one shot we need every night, he blows. It’s not like he hasn’t had any practice. We’ve been doing this for how long now?

Anywho. It’s been a while since we’ve been through Arcata, gotta make sure it doesn’t take another three years to get back. The drive alone is worth it. Coming in through the Redwoods, the Ocean to the right, Ewoks all over the place, land speed cruisers whipping by over head…

Needless to say we were happy to get back on the road, some more than others:

Bryan and I wanted to play some pinball and were sent to a strip of bars about a half block from the venue, now let me preface this next sentence by saying I’m no square, I’ve been around the block as the kids say, but I was blown away by the blatant drug dealing going on in that town. In the two-hundred feet we walked from bar to bar I was offered weed three times. When I turned the third guy down he looked at me like I was crazy and came back with “LSD?” As if to say, then what drugs do you want?

When the pinball search came up dry we went back to the club where Bryan took four bucks from John playing pool:

I enjoyed a couple Micro brews:

And we all enjoyed the musical stylings of The Ravens:

Thanks to Ian for putting on the show:

If you’re ever in Arcata stop by the Alibi, say hi, and tell him we sent ya. Helluva guy.

Next up: Fog Rising! It could get sketchy.


Tour To Live!

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