Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chicago 11/12/09

Woke up to yet another nine-hour drive. At least we had Iowa 80 to look forward to.

Iowa 80 is the self-proclaimed “biggest truck stop in the world” and I’m not going to be the one that argues that fact. The place even has a station where you can get your own custom patches made. What? You want a car trailer with a 70’s Pinto predominately strutting its stuff on the front? Done:
John and I were going to get patches made, we had the font, roses, and skulls all picked out. His was going to say “Something Awesome” and mine was going to say “Coyle’s Bitch” (you know, all little something for the pretty lady back home) but they were going to take a half hour. We didn’t have that much time to burn. Bummer.

It was our first night meeting up with the Valient Thor boys and we were happier than a hippie hugging a tree about it. They tore the roof off the Double Door, as expected.

After the show it was off to Cary’s house. Again. And once again he got a thrill out of pouring some crazy liquor down our throats. This time it was some crazy liqueur called Malort. We had no idea what we were in for when we saw this sight:

It sort of tasted like a bum’s cardboard box that had been soaking in turpentine with a nice Ben Gay finish. I think Aaron’s face after the shot sums it up best:

There was only one thing to do after that. Head back to Lorraine’s!

I brought John and Chad with me this time. John went for the Pizza Puff, which was more or less an over sized Tontino’s pizza roll:
Chad had the grilled cheese:

And being the nice guy he is, he even picked up the tab:
Although I’m pretty sure after he reads the post above this, it will be the last time that happens.


Tour To Live!

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