Sunday, November 15, 2009

Columbus, Ohio 11/13/09

Guess you figured out how to use the camera? Nice work John. It only took a few hundred tries, but you got it. Thatta boy.

We woke up in Chicago with only one thing on our minds: Kuma’s Corner. All other issues were null and void, it was time to put down a burger the size of a sub-compact car that was named after a metal band. The only problem was that being the idiots we are, no one thought that we were going to lose an hour when we got to Columbus. We were about half way through a plate of pulled pork fries when Cary mentioned it to us.
You read that right. Pulled pork fries. Say what you will about the mid-west but they are not afraid to throw some pork around and I, for one, give that two thumbs way up.

Back to the story, so with the added hour our new arrival time was now 9:30, and since the show started at 9:00 a panic came across the table. Luckily, they hadn’t plated our food yet so we had them throw it in some to-go boxes and made a mad dash for the freeway. A big thank you once again to Luke and all the Kuma’s staff for treating us so well. You guys rule!

We rolled in just in time to load on to stage facing one of the rowdier crowds I’ve seen in a while. When Valient Thorr came on they almost tore the place to the ground.
Aaron’s mind was blown.
We were lucky to get out alive.


Tour To Live!

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  1. Excellent show that night. If you make it back to Columbus (and have any say in the matter), then you should play somewhere like Skully's or Newport. It's actually possible to see the band play their instruments instead of just seeing their heads. Buying your CD now...