Monday, November 9, 2009

San Francisco 11/7/09: Fog Rising

I ain’t gonna lie to you folks, this was a great one. Tons of awesome bands, we had a great spot in the line-up and there were a lot of old friends there. Don’t believe me? Take a look:

Chrissi and Ellen came down from Portland:

Oh yeah, and Steve did too:
Look at that mustache, would you let that man watch your children?

Jeremy and Liz came up from San Diego:
Not pictured: Liz (which is to bad ‘cause this photo could some prettying up)

Heiges came up from L.A. :
Guess he brought his new L.A. ‘tude with him. Frisky.

Illic was there:
Look at that face. How can you not love that guy? Just want to jump on his back and ride him around like a big, hairy motorcycle.

TG and Pat were there to film the show:
TG was so startled by the flash his bowels released.

Mario was in town to play with Witch:
Look at that, it’s getting to the point that even pictures of John are out of focus.

Hmm, what else happened?

There was a Party Time reunion show in my brain for a minute:

Jeremy was deafened by the roar from the fans during Red Fang’s set:
Get it? Fans? Huh, huh? I know there is only one fan, shut up!

Witch brought the pain:

After the show we went over to Mike and Liz’s place:
We ended up in a heated Wii bowling game while Jeremy gave a metal sign language class in the kitchen.

Got a little face time with two of my favorite people:

Bryan tried to convince us that dirtbag chic was the new black:

We weren’t buying it. Every one knows that comedy is the new black. At least it better be or the new Laugh Fang record they just recorded is going go over like a fart in a elevator.

Two days of driving ahead of us, then Denver on Tuesday. Hopefully we can make it through Nevada without losing all the money we have at truck stop casinos. Or maybe we’ll win a trillion-billion dollars and hire a private jet to fly us from show-to-show so we can watch the four guys we hired to dress and play just like the boys. I’m gonna hire Joe Piscopo to play me. This is gonna rule…


Tour To Live!

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  1. Very sorry to have missed the show, but ironically I was busy getting kicked out of the Magic Gardens and sullying up your own city. Until next time.