Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wrap it up B!

Okay I know it’s been a week, calm down. We got home on Thanksgiving and everyone scattered for the next few days, making getting together photos and the such kinda hard. That, and, well, I’ve been lazy—and it’s been awesome.

Before we get into the last couple of days on tour I would like to thank everyone who fed us, gave us a beer, let us louse up their couch and/or floor, came to our shows, bought any merch from us, pointed us in the way of cheap food or a clean toilet, and everyone else that we came in contact with on this tour. With a extra huge “thanks a ton” going out to the Beam’s and the Copene’s who have had to put up with us three time in the last two months. We couldn’t do it with out all of you.

Well, we could, but it would suck.

Keep checking in here for updates. There is a new record in the works and talk of a west coast tour in the spring so check back.

So to be completely honest with you I am still in lazy-as-hell mode right now so I am going to keep this short and sweet.

Boise, ID. 11/25/09

Um, can I get a “FUCK YES, BOISE!”? Are you kidding me? What an amazing way to end the tour. Great crowd, great club, great everything. Thank you so much to everyone who came out, we were blown away.

We kind of rolled in, played and rolled out, so I don’t have much dirt to dish, sorry. I will tell you that the seven-hour drive home after the show was just about as painful as it sounds. That last stretch home is always the worst. Especially the hundred miles before Portland, because you know exactly how long it is to your doorstep from every exit. Those signs are like the second hand on the detention clock, they seem to be going in reverse at times.

Salt Lake City, UT. 11/24/09

This is going to really bum me out, these guys came to the show and brought us amazing fresh baked Blue Cheese and caramelized onion bread along with some Scotch eggs and I lost the chunk of paper that had all their info on it.
Boys if you read this give me the info again so I can put a link to your website. That’s a scotch egg they’re holding by the way, not a bag of some new crazy space drugs.

If you never heard of a Scotch egg before I’ll give you the skinny: It’s a hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausage, breaded and deep-fried. So, more or less, it’s one of the most perfect foods in the history of ever. Look at that thing:

It’s your taste buds wet dream and your aorta’s worst nightmare. David almost dropped to one knee and proposed to the thing:

Tonino’s dog was the maid of honor.


Tour To Live!


  1. Nice work in SLC and thanks for the nod with the detailed photos of the now famous Scotch Egg. Savoury Kitchen, Park City is our catering company, and you can find us at www.savouryparkcity.com. We'll be here next time you guys come around, we should think about a little whole hog BBQ and some Red Fang to compliment. A little swine and Red Fang pairing if you will. Good to meet you guys, keep up the good fight.

  2. Whoop whoop! That's my boy Park City Joe with the Scotch Egg. Brotha's got CRAZY flava.