Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Support Westview HS metal club!

Westview Metal Club is rad. High School kids get together and listen to, and discuss, metal. They are having a fundraiser selling T-Shirts. We're getting a whole grip of 'em and you should too! Go to their myspace page HERE and send them a message if you wanna order a shirt. Here's what their myspace blog has to say about it:

The Metal Club is currently selling t-shirts. The front will feature the skull and battle-axe art which is featured on our myspace, and the back will read: LISTEN TO HEAVY METAL
Underneath in smaller font will read Westview Metal Club.
This is our annual fundraiser that we rely on for having events (such as the YOB/Jinosa/Grab the Camera concert last year, and Red Fang Halloween party this year) because we receive no financial support from the school. T-shirts are only $10, and $15 shipped. Sorry, no international shipping. Ink will be black, and t-shirt color choices are black, red, or white.
If you are a student please see Mr. Hughes in Upper North to order, and if you would like one (or many!) to be shipped please send us a message and we will give you further details.
The t-shirts rock, and also make great gifts.......



  1. I think it's great they have fundraiser tees for their club. I really dig that somewhere in my lifetime I'd have gotten the news that a high school somewhere has a Metal Club. If only we'd had one of those back in the 80's. The world wasn't ready for that yet perhaps.

  2. @ Comment number 1:

    Absolutely! It's so cool that a high school somewhere (ANYWHERE!) has a freaking metal club. Wish to god one of those had been around when I was in HS, which was only 10 years ago, but still, nothing like that. I think the administration would have had kittens.

  3. Right? Or else it would cause kittens to scream out to the void!
    Let's hear it for progress, inch by bloody inch!

  4. hello friends! that good information is obtained in places like this, thank you all for making this a reality