Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bellingham - 5/1/10

Hell, yeah, Bellingham likes to party! Killer show last night at Plan B Saloon. Big thanks to everyone who came out and Dog Shredder and Boss Rhino for rippin' it up. And extra special thanks to all the kids at the GAF Church for putting us up for the night. We heart Bellingham.

Aaron gave it so much juice last night, this happened at the end of the set:

Don't worry - he's totally recharged and ready to destroy the Funhouse in Seattle tonight. See you soon!


  1. This show was SO faux metal. If I were to write a book about this shit, it would be called "The Audacity of Butt Rock." And then I'd run for, like, black metal president. You guys have some real fucking nerve. Go back to the WB or whatever.

  2. And by BTW.