Friday, May 21, 2010

Los Angeles. California 5/17/10

Los Angeles, it goes by many names to many people: Lala land, the big apple the wind city, Bridgetown, America’s dairy land, big sky country… But one thing is for sure, it’s where many dreams come true and way more are shattered into tiny tear-stained pieces. We were sure that by the time the show was over we would be in a jet made of solid diamond, reviewing a new unprecedented record contract that gave the band every cent made from each release as long as the record company got the pleasure of putting their name on the record. Oh yeah—and we’d be on our way to a lobster lunch with the King of Europe.

That didn’t pan out, so we started making other plans. Bryan wasted no time and started training for the Ultimate Fighting Championship:

Heiges and Sera started practicing for a roll in the next Tim Burton movie.
And Jared made some calls about becoming a Chia pet model.
I was kinda banking on the whole gold jet thing…
Tour To Live!

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