Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mesa, Arizona 5/14/10

You know, sometimes it ain’t about the quantity of a crowd it’s about the quality and Mesa was definitely one of those situations. While it might not have been the hundreds of thousands of screaming, bloodthirsty fans that we are used to playing to, the show ruled. How could it not when you got kids like Tommy at the show?
I’d like to think that I was this fucking cool when I was fifteen, but I wasn’t. The kid has a Spirit Caravan shirt on for Christ’s sake. My idea of underground music cred at that age was knowing all the lyrics to Caught In A Mosh and this kid is listening to Saint Vitus.

When shit like this is going on literally a half block from the club…

…Kids like Tommy give me hope that the world isn’t turning into a bunch of Ed Hardy T-shirt wearing, Jonas Brothers listening d-bags. But who am I to judge, I got Dido on my Ipod.

Tour To Live!

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