Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reno, Nevada 5/9/10

Reno is one of those towns that can just sneak up on you. One minute you’re hanging out, knocking back a couple of beers and the next you’re putting your Grandma’s dialysis machine on Craigslist to pay off a gambling debt to a three fingered man name Toolshed. So when we heard our good friends Valient Thorr were in town we made a list of bail bondsman, hospitals and pawn shops to hand out just in case we lost each other.
I tried to get a photo of David in the event we had to put up missing person posters, but people would have only noticed him if he walked by real fast.
At first we thought all the precautions were unneeded because our Valient homies had to leave right after the show to make the long haul to their next show. But we didn’t factor in that our other homechickens Mongoloid Village was on the bill with us:

After the show it was off to Silverado for some 3AM club sandwiches and craps followed by some blackjack and shots. At about 4:30 Maureen and I split off on our own adventure leaving John and the Mongoloiders going head deep into some Blackjack. When we got back to the hotel at 5AM John was still ahead and Bryan and Meagan were feeding cash into a video poker machine like it was life support. About this time we ran into Fester from Mongoloid Village who had locked himself out of his room and had no idea were the rest of his band was. We all decided the best thing for him to do was to gamble, or go take a nap with this guy:
He opted for the gambling.

In the morning I was waiting to hear tales of fortunes lost and seedy holding cells shared with hunchbacked transvestites, but surprisingly no one lost more than $20 and there was a disappointing lack of jailhouse tattoos.

Oh well. There’s always next time.

Tour To Live!

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