Monday, May 3, 2010

Seattle 5/2/10

What a great Sunday!! Had a bitchin' breakfast in Bellingham before heading to Seattle, where our buddy, Jessie, was hosting a killer BBQ. Lamb kabobs!! Stuffed our faces and cruised over to the Funhouse for a crushing show. Great crowd, killer vibes, hugs all around between old friends and new. Notice the blood on the lip of the dude in the bottom right corner of this pic? That's what happens when you're rocking out so hard you accidentally introduce your face to the monitor. He's fine, don't worry. Sometimes you just gotta bleed a little..

We're home for a few days, then back on the road Friday. Our Road Chief/Blog Master, Chris Coyle, was not with us this weekend - hence the boring posts - but stay tuned for much more interesting stories when he takes over again.

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