Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chico, California 5/19/10

Holy crapballs! I can’t believe I forgot to put a Chico post up. That show/ town ruled! How did I forget the last show of tour? This is where the excuses start flying about going straight back to work, moving and the like but the truth is a just spaced it. What an asshole.

Even though it was the last show of tour Bryan didn’t take any chances, he still put some fresh duct tape on his guitar
That’s how he gets that buttery tone…

Okay listen, I’m not suppose to tell anyone this, but the truth is just in case someone in the band gets sick, injured, abducted by aliens (again), or dies we have built robotic duplicates of ever band member. We let Aaron’s double hang out for the last show:
You can tell by the eyes…

After the show we stayed with some of the nicest people ever and I can’t remember their names because, once again, I’m an asshole. Man this is a terrible end of tour blog. Luckily I have waaaaayy to much dirt on these guys for them to ever fire me.

Once again we’d like to thank everyone who put us up, fed us, bought us a beer, bandaged our wounds, pointed Bryan and I in the direction of a pinball machine, got David the cobra anti-venom and most of all, came to the shows. Without all of you it would be a lonely road— filled with farts jokes and gas station food.

Tour To Live!

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