Wednesday, July 7, 2010

East End's July 4th Block Party!!

HO -LY SHIT! Those East End bros know how to throw a fucking PARTAY!!! They had the whole block of Ash St. between Grand & MLK blocked off for the whole day. They were grillin' up some juicy dogs, servin' up cold, delicious ice cream, and PLENTY of big ass cans of Tecate & Pabst. And, we got to rock out in the middle of the street to a bunch of raging PDX party hounds! Twas AWESOME!! And our pals, Lord Dying, shredded their way through their first show ever.. Watch out for these guys, they are gonna take the metal world on a fantastical trip. I mean, it's dudes from Le Force & Black Elk for chrissake!!

Thanks to the East End crew and all the folks who showed up and made this July 4th one for the books.. I took a ton of photos, but most ended up even blurrier than the above crowd shot, but I saw tons of cameras there, so if anyone has some killer shots, let's see em! The night got a little blurry after the sun went down, but somewhere along the line I must have run into Seantos, cause I found this pic of his tramp stamp on my camera..
OH!! I almost forgot.. this show was also a benefit for the Pixie Project, a killer animal adoption group in town. Support the puppies and the kitties!!


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  1. Here's a few photos + my "review".

    As always, thanks for being awesome. Really looking forward to the new album!