Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kuma’s Corner Fifth Anniversary Blowout Extravaganza Chicago, Ill. 7/10/10

This was one hell of a weekend and there is a lot to cover to I’m going to keep it short and sweet in an attempt to not bore the living crap outta you.

About three months ago our friend Luke from Kuma’s called up and wanted to know if the boys would be interested in playing the fifth annual Kuma’s birthday bash. A full day event of taking in all things rock, meat, and barley? Done.

Flying to a show was a first for us and the rest of us were a little scared since John doesn’t do well on planes. The was a minute were we thought we might have to get all B.A. Baracus on his ass and slip him a roofie in his milk, but it turns out a couple cocktails in the airport bar set him straight.

Carry picked us up at the airport and we rallied across town to catch up with J.J. who was so happy to see us he broke into Riverdance.

Woke up the next morning, headed to Kuma’s and immediately dove head first into a burger.
Look at that damn thing. You have to be part python just to get your mouth around it.

The crew at Kuma’s took care of our every need, all the way down to the white pony and Sherman tank in our rider:
Chad showed up and, as usual, wanted everyone to pay attention to him.
The boys pretended to show interest.

After the show it was brought to our attention that the owner of Kuma’s, Mike, lived up stairs and had a stripper pole in his living room. Bryan asked if he could take it for a spin. Mike puked in his mouth a little and then told us he would give each one of us a $100 if we made sure that didn’t happen.
It didn’t happen.

Hopefully Bryan will use his money to buy some actual luggage so he won’t have to keep jamming his guitar case full of his clothes. And he wonders why that thing smells like a bum barfed in it...
We spent the rest of the night catching up with old friends.

And making some new ones.

The next day was a free day, so after waking Bryan up…
…and a couple cocktails, the well thought out plan of getting matching tattoos got thrown on the table. Not one to shy away from stupid ideas, Bryan got on the horn to Jeremy from Chicago True Blue who we had met the night before and offered to tattoo us anytime we were in town.

John was scared…
But I handled it like a man.

All in all this was one of the best shows in a long time and we’d like to, once again, thank Mike, Luke and the whole Kuma’s crew for everything. You guys rule and we can’t wait to kick it with you guys again!


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