Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunset Tavern 10 year Anniversary Show 6/26/10

I know it's been a week and half, and this post is long overdue.. but, better late than never, right? The Sunset Tavern 10 Year Anniversary show in Ballard was a total blowout!! Sold out raging crowd, awesome bands, old friends and new ones.. a perfect show in every way. Thanks, Ballard!! We will always love you!

Before the show we headed over to KEXP to guest DJ with Hannah Levin on her Audioasis show.

Normally, we get all shy and nervous when you put a mic in our face, but David kept it together like a seasoned pro, as you can see in this photo. Truly, a face made for radio. Thanks, Hannah, for letting us take over your playlist for an hour and crank out some bitchin' NW tunes from C Average, Federation X, etc.. let's do it again soon!

OK, short and sweet-ish. I'll try to catch up with a July 4th post today too.. stay tuned.

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