Friday, October 22, 2010

Albuquerque 10/19/10

The truth is one of my longtime friends, Fathead, was at this show and I paid absolutely no attention to anything or took any photos of this show because we were too busy catching up on the glory days. The times before you could feel your man-boobs bounce when you run down stairs and you could drink fifteen beers and get up at eight am to go skate. When people didn’t mistake you for homeless and give you change on the way to work. (True story, both Bryan and I have had this happen) You know, the good times. So I was a little worried I would have nothing to blog about, luckily the Super 8 took care of that for me.

I’m hoping there was some sort of snafu at the front desk because or this is what housekeeping considers a clean room:


Tour To Live!