Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tempe 10/18/10

(Note: I messed up the dates on the last couple blogs, deal with it.)

Every once and a while there is a show with a giant question mark hanging over it. Sometimes it will have something to do with the club. If the name of the venue is Tony’s Horse Grooming or Big John’s CB Supply Shop there is a damn good chance that the only people in the club are going to be the opening bands and a disgruntled bartender. A town we’ve never played on a weeknight is yet another reason for me to start googling “pinball machines in (fill in city name)” so Tempe on a Tuesday seemed like it might be a test of humility. Glad to say the show killed. Don’t believe me? Ask Bryan’s Mom she was there.
This picture was taken right before she started the mosh pit. She looked like the cover of a D.R.I. record for the entire set.

Even Johnny took a break from helping his Dad out in Tucson to drive up and see the show. Some of you might remember Johnny from Bryan and David’s old band Last Of The Juanitas or Aaron’s current side project Ancient Age. Get a look at that mug:
That’s a face that could sail ships.

I’ll leave you with a couple quick John Schier facts:

He’s forty years old still can’t grow a beard. Looks like he fell face-first into the sand box.

I lived with him for close to a year, saw him shower three times.

There is video of him, somewhere, rollerblading in a bathrobe that could easily win America’s Funniest Home Videos.

He has a tattoo of the pushead hand that we turned into a turkey with a neighbors tattoo machine one Thanksgiving.

The only person I know that when asked smoking or non-smoking replies “Smoking. Heavily.”


Tour To Live!

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