Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seattle, Washington 2/19/20

First things first: This could be one of my favorite crowd photos ever. Starting from the right, Aaron is got some sort of parting the Red Sea arm wave thing going, then you got leather jacket, hoodie and scarf in the middle of a pit at a rock show guy, followed by guy who is either seven plus feet tall or is in the beginning stages of a post show stage dive. Cut all the way left and it appears that Bryan is attacking John with his guitar like some sort of rock and roll mace. So good. Go ahead, click on the photo, soak it in, I can wait.

Seattle was a whirlwind for me. The two times I left the merch table all night was to have a meth head scream at me while trying to squeeze in a game of pinball before the show and running next door to have a drink with some old friends after they couldn’t get in. The rest was all head bangin’ and shirt slangin’—the place was packed!

I did get to kick it some with our buddy James who had jumped in with us to take some photos of the boys in action. James was a pretty quick addition to the van with his shared love of ingesting all thing golden whether it be beverage or food and chiming in with stories of watching DIO launch diet cokes from a homemade super-slingshot at Tom Petty’s house:
Throw a blown out Bridgette Neilson on his arm and he would look like a white Flavor Flav.

I’m really not doing this show any justice because this was one of the best shows we’ve ever played in Seattle, but the truth is I never got to leave the merch booth to take any photos and without any photos to make fun of— well I got nothin’.

We’d like to say thanks to Hanna, KEXP, The Sunset Tavern, Drew Church and everyone that came out to the show and I would like to say sorry to my long time friend Chris Mayes (next time buddy, it was great seeing you).


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