Friday, March 4, 2011

Portland Spirit (a damn BOAT!) - 3/3/11

Holy shit, what a party! If you think playing a rock show on a boat is one of the most awesome things you could ever do, you are right. Something about being on a boat makes everyone happy - it's like you're on vacation. Throw in some loud jams, cold brews, and enthusiastic rock fans and you got yourself one hell of a bitchin' party at sea!

The folks at Google HotSpot put this shindig on, and they did a bang up job. The show was free and all-ages. All you had to do to get a wristband was follow @HotpotPDX on twitter to find out where they were giving them out, get off your ass and go grab one. Free. All ages. On a boat. Totally bitchin.

I shoulda known it was gonna be a magical night when I saw this double rainbow over the Portland Spirit. Woooaaaahhhhh......
Thanks to everyone who made the effort to get wristbands and party with us. It really was an amazing night. For those who missed it, you can catch a glimpse of the mayhem here. Like many live videos, the audio is sketchy, but you get an idea of the good times.


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