Sunday, April 17, 2011

Record Store Day/ Dave's Bday in Eugene 4/16/11

Saturday was Record Store Day and we celebrated by playing a free all ages set at one of our favorites, Jackpot Records in downtown Portland. It was early, it was hot, and it was a total blast! Although, the crowd was a big, blurry, scary monster...

Thanks to Sizzle Pie for bringing down some free peis for the masses - you guys are the best pizza in Portland, and you're cool dudes to boot.

Later on in the day, we headed down to Eugene to play a birthday party and get weird with some weirdos.
Finally got see Old Kingdom, the hot new Portland sensation. They did not disappoint! Check them out if you get a chance. The whole night was a blast and the Dave, the birthday boy, seemed pretty stoked at the end.
Dave, I hope you don't feel too shitty today. Happy Birthday, dude.

Sorry this post lacks the usual wit and humor, but our Road Chief, Chris Coyle, wasn't able to be with us yesterday so I'm trying to get a post up on my own.. He's better at this, fo sho. This took me 2 hours.

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