Sunday, May 15, 2011

Billings MT. 5/13/11

One thing about this tour is we’re not playing a lot of places we normally play. It’s what they call an “off market” tour in the biz. Which is cool with me because I can only blog about the same towns so many times before I start wondering “ Wait, didn’t I already write this?” The low side is most of these drives are off the beaten path, meaning that cell service is like a high schoolers beard, patchy at best. Five years ago this wouldn’t even be a problem, we still knew how to have conversations. But thanks to “smart” phones if we can’t spend hours in our own little Internet worlds, shit starts getting weird. Without access to our favorite viral web garbage we start looking inside the van for it and, the fucked part, is sometimes we find it.

What, did you expect us to look out the window at the some of the most amazing scenery on earth or someshit? Yeah right.


Tour To Live!

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  1. Well, shit. I was going to tell you guys to check out Zombie Tools ( in Missoula 'cause you guys really should form an unholy partnership, but I thought you were going to be in MO later in the month!
    Check out the video anyway. (Don't worry -- the PBR cans have been responsibly emptied and filled with water.)