Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cheyenne, WY. 5/14/11

Let’s keep this one short. Here are some highlights:

The singer from the opening band thanking his Mom for coming out to the show even though “She hates our fucking music” and moments later saying “I went want everyone to move during this song, go crazy, I want to see you punch each other in the dick!”

Ghosts Of Glaciers, check them out.

A conversation between a group of teenagers outside the club in which a “As long as you get to go first, your buddies boning your girlfriend is okay” agreement was reached.

Chris Robinson from Hog Wild in Fort Collins bringing us some of the best down BBQ this side of the Mississippi:
Look at that rack of ribs, they’re a foot-powered car and a fur clad roller skating waitress away from a Flintstones skit!


Tour To Live!


  1. fuckin great shit was fun and you guys sounded too sick! I had a blast please come back through Cheyenne!

    Sound dude at the club,

  2. Dude, I graduated high school from that shit hole, and Coyle knows how rad I turned out so Rock On Shit Hole WY. I've vowed to never return and never I will.