Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Columbus, Ohio / Rock On The Range 5/22/11

As I mentioned in the beginning of this tour, we’re kind of a big deal these days and part of that is playing to hundreds of thousands a people a night. That’s why it’s no surprise that we were asked to play at Crew Stadium with Korn, A perfect Circle and a whole other slew of bands that sound exactly like us. At first we were a little put off, these bands had been touring for years and we didn’t want to steal their limelight. It would probably break their little metal hearts to see this arena packed butts to nuts with twenty-thousand Red Heads (On a serious note the term Red Heads is quite possibly the grossest thing that has ever been on this blog).

So we agreed to do it, but only if we played first, after the local battle of the bands winner, on the smallest stage of the festival. We like to keep it real!
But we still demanded that the gear had it’s own tent…
…that there was a salad bar backstage with all our favorite salads: Macaroni, chicken, tuna and potato.

And the fixin’s for one of David’s famous hamburger, hotdog, turkey burgers with vegetarian chili fries
Besides that it was like any other Red Fang show. Singing peoples body parts:
A two-hour wait for sno-cones:
Bloody dudes:
A real sexy merch area:

And fashion forward fans:

Nothing really to talk about…


Tour To Live!


  1. Love the sarcasm, Coyle. Glad to see Red Fang gaining more of an audience and doing bigger shows (not sarcasm).

  2. Was great to meet you guys in the monster suite !! Good luck with the rest of your dates and hope to see you in Columbus again sometime soon!

  3. Keep working your way up!

  4. fawk yea

    mad props from portland

  5. First time seeing you at ROTR, I must say it was a great show. Hope you guys come back

  6. I used to have an "I <3 Vagina" hat until someone stole it while i was playing at sxsw... i guess they <3 vagina too.

  7. Saw you for the first time at that HUGE stage at ROTR! ;) I was impressed! Speaking of, I need to go out and buy some CDs...yours of course! Good luck with everything and hope to see you live again soon (in the Chicago, IL or even Milwaukee, WI area!!)

  8. You guys are awesome - can't believe I JUST discovered you... Thanks to Liquid Metal on Sirius XM.