Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nashville, TN 5/19/11

You know what’s stupid? A fifteen-year-old third grader. You know what else? The fact that neither John nor I got any photos from this night.

We hung out with Vance, the total badass that mixed our record. But we were to busy hearing stories about hanging speaker systems that were so big they made the ceiling sag to get a photo.

We all had real good meals, I could have taken some photos of that, but noooo.

We met some real cool people like Jay, Josh and Jake but we didn’t get any photos of them.

You know what there is photos of? This:

That’s right, the bug covered front end of the van.

Man, it’s a good thing this blog is free…


Tour To Live!


  1. that dead bug is totally metal

  2. Hell yeah Guys! Cicada MADNESS!!! Hope y'all made the next destination smoothly. Safe travels y'all!