Monday, June 6, 2011

EUROPE!!!! 5/31 - 6/5

Keeping the text to a minimum on this one because there's way too much to cover (remember), and I'm not nearly as witty as our dearly missed Road Chief, Chris Coyle. He'll be back on the Prehistoric Blog for the next tour, don't worry!

This tour, we are in in Europe with the Ocean, Intronaut, and Earthship. Here's the bus we're sharing with the Introbors.

First show was Wiesbaden, Germany. Totally bitchin' in every way. Jet lag schmet lag!

After the show we partied with the locals and our new tour mates.

Things got bromantic quickly.

Next show was Bochum, Germany. I'm not gonna keep telling you what a great show every night was - just trust me, they have all been amazing!

Now the lack of sleep is catching up, but the schedule at the beginning of this tour is brutal, so we catch whatever little cat naps we can.
Lyngby, Denmark. Nuts!

We had to leave super early in the morning because we had 2 shows this day. The first was a festival show somewhere in the middle of the woods in Germany. David tries to catch a nap beside a fire pit.

We were the very first band to play this stage, but there were already a ton of eager rock fans being weird. I wish I had better pics of some of the outfits... dammit!

Off to meet up with the rest of the gang in Bremen, Germany. Road soda!! So nice to not have to drive on this tour!

Bremen crowd.

After the Bremen show we had to stay at the bar (I know, boo hoo) and just hang out until it was time to drive to the airport for a fly-in show to Athens, Greece. By this point we have averaged about 2 hours of sleep a night and things are getting weird, but we a professionals, dammit! Luckily, there was a super sweet bartender that matched us shot for shot.

On the way out, Bryan almost lost an arm to the ancient stone version of himself.

No sleep. Delirious at the Frankfurt airport, but SUPER excited to see Greece!

I thought I was seeing things, but it turns out there really WERE about 2 dozen girls in matching turquoise hats and shirts. Never did figure out why. But I like it. Do I? I don't know.

That's Greece down there.

The Athens crowd was INSANE!! So much fun and totally worth no sleep. I figured we'd get a few hours that night before we had to leave in the morning- but, no. Had to stay up and eat amazing food. Again, totally worth it.

Maybe I can sleep on the plane? No.

Berlin crowd. Super fun.

And after this show we finally got a solid 6 or 7 hours of sleep. I wish I had the energy and memory to go into detail about how crazy it is and all the awesome people we've met so far, but dinner is ready and I gotta eat! I'll get caught up on the rest soon.


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  1. .......fucking incredible John. luv every minute of it!