Sunday, June 26, 2011

EUROPE!!!! 6/14-6/16

Bologna, Italy. We played some kinda youth center that was surrounded by this awesomeness.

Peaceful, beautiful creek.

The dudes weren't sure how to take in all this tranquility.

So, we headed back to unload the Ocean's "Trailer of Chaos" - these dudes haven't learned the science of Trailer Tetris yet.

Bologna crowd - a wild bunch.

Danny Intronaut and Tour Manager Marco caught in a tender embrace. Not sure what was going here, but you can smell the love.

Even in Italy, NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO DICE!!

Trieste, Italy. This place is awesome. Right on the water - the Adriatic, I believe - and super pretty. It seemed kinda touristy, but not shaved chest, Oakly blades, wet t-shirt touristy, more old lady sippin' on wine in the street touristy. I like.

So, Martin, Louis and I hit the town for some sight seeing/ street drinking. CLASSY street drinking - not pounding Four Loco under the bridge street drinking.

Some boats right behind the venue.

Trieste crowd.
Trieste really was the shit. Great homemade food, super nice folks and a BEAUTIFUL setting. It was also the only chance we had on tour to swim, and swimming in salt water is the jam! Big thanks to Joe Intronaut for teaching me how to dive. Summer of firsts!!


Stuttgart, Germany. Holy shit. THIS was my all time favorite meal of the tour. I think? You can't tell from this photo, but trust me - everyone was freaking out over this. The sweet girl that made this meal for us also offered up wine from here father's vineyard. SO GOOD!

What are these things called?!? I want them every day! Some meaty goodness wrapped in some other goodness fried up and served with grilled onions... Oh my goodness.

Stuttgart crowd. Well, mainly Aaron, but they're back there somewhere.

Had a blast hanging with these dudes. Woulda remembered your names, too, if you hadn't made me do all those shots!! Good times.

More coming soon...



  1. "Some meaty goodness wrapped in some other goodness fried up and served with grilled onions... Oh my goodness." – We call 'em MAULTASCHEN. They have 'em in some Delis in the US.

  2. dudes, these things you ate in Stuttgart are "Maultaschen". monks invented them a few hundred years ago to hide the meat they ate during fast from the eyes of god... :)

  3. The awesome food:
    By the way, awesome show!
    Greetings from somewhere near Stuttgart, Germany

  4. John,

    We had a blast as well! Too bad you didn't make it down town; NEXT TIME! Also, where is that case of PBR you promised?

    From Left to Right,
    Billy, Paul, and Dory