Wednesday, June 29, 2011

EUROPE!!!! 6/17-6/20

Kassel, Germany.

After the show, we were taken to a hostel kinda spot to crash. To get to it, we had to walk through a crazy multi-level party spot with several bars, dance floors, black light ping pong rooms, and all kinds of weirdness. We knew the next night we had to leave and drive overnight right after the show, so this was the last chance we had to throw down. And throw down we did. There was crowd surfing, euro dancing, unnecessary shots, and tons of laughs. End of tour style..

Brugge, Belgium.

Our good buddy, Loopy, showed up! He just happened to be getting off a tour and decided to swing down and hook up with us.
This was the last night with Intronaut. Cool dudes, stellar musicians. We'll see you again, dudes!!
After the Brugge show, we drove all night to...


I wish I had a better crowd shot - it was INSANE!!! I also wish I had more pics of the festival in general, but I was having too much fun and totally sleep deprived and just kind of forgot about my camera. Until JUDAS PRIEST played!! Look how close I got!

Rob Halford's voice is still amazing.

Maybe the best show I've ever seen - definitely blew my mind.


What a whirlwind of metal. I figured we couldn't top this day, but we had one more show to play before heading to Calgary for Sled Island.

La Harve, France.

Holy shit. This was absolutely the most sweat soaked, punk rock, party show of the whole tour. Check out the photos from the front lines here:

Thanks to all the rad bros in La Harve for making our last night in Europe one for the books. Can't wait to come back!!

I'll post a quickie about Sled Island tomorrow and be caught up. Coyle is back on the job after that, so posts will be not be as boring. Right, Coyle?



  1. Awesome band..true music! Cheers from Colombia, South America!

  2. Big big thanks to you guys! You MUST come back because you rocked the show as hell.
    Cheers from Le Havre, France.