Saturday, June 11, 2011

EUROPE!!!! 6/6 - 6/9

Liepzig, Germany. Every night we get fed, which is awesome. But some nights we get fed SUPER well! Tonight was one of those nights. I tried to take it easy and not eat too much before the show, but every single thing they offered was amazing. Growing up in the southern US of A, I've had my fare share of fall-off-the-bone chicken, and this was up there with the best of them. Food!!
Leipzig crowd.

Bratislava, Slovakia. In case you didn't know, the Randal Club is a "live & wild rock 'n' roll music club. For reals, y'all.

Another awesome spread of bread, meat and cheese awaits us!

Earthship ruling it.

Bratislava crowd. Sorry, bros - forgot to turn on the flash!

Louis (The Ocean) takes the stage to the crowd and blows minds.

These dudes couldn't stay awake.

The worst "tequila" in the world! DO NOT DRINK. Trust us!!

Wien, Austria. TOTALLY AWESOME. The Arena is a huge compound with at least four stages and tons of rad people doing rad shit. Super fun night. Too fun...

Wien crowd.

It was so hot, Aaron had to relax in the cool down lounge for a bit.

Our "day off" the following day in Wien consisted of us following our new bro, Thomas, around the city to see some sights and drink some brews.

First stop was a brewery that offered killer Wienerschnitzel and potato salad. I wish every time somebody said "potato salad", this is what they were talking about!

Freshly brewed beers!

Another round before hitting the road...

Seeing sights makes you thirsty. I decided to class this one up with a glass of Austria's finest white.

Ok, another cool bar we must stop at!

"Hey, does horse meat taste good?" "YES! Let's get some!" "OK!"

Horse meat sandwich. FOR REAL! Pretty damn good! Taste like hot dog.

This is where you get a horse meat sandwich for about 2 euro.

Let's stop at this cool bar in the subway, for another round!

Oh, yeah - our new bro, Thomas, also hooked us up with a pick up show at the Viper Room Vienna (no relation, I think). All our tour mates came out and we partied. Good times! THANKS THOMAS!!!!!!!!


  1. Your meat sandwich is called "Leberkaessemmel"... with Horse meat: "Pferdeleberkaessemmel"!

    I am glad you had some nice austrian beer - much better than the soup in the US.
    If you are ever coming to Salzburg you should try some Augustiner beer at the Muellner Braeu Tavern!

  2. No entrys for switzerland yet?
    I hope you guys enjoyed it anyway.
    in my link theres the foto your drummer took :)
    Feel free to do whatever you want with it.

    Greetings from the very drunk swiss guy ^^

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time. Clutch is also over there right now. Are you guys doing any shows with them while you're there? -Kevin