Thursday, June 30, 2011

SLED ISLAND FEST - Calgary 6/24 - 6/25

SLED ISLAND! Hell yes, Canadians know how to PARTY! Our first show was at the Palomino - a killer BBQ joint and rock club. I have never seen as much broken glass after a show. Wild times. Bryan had someone else's blood on him, but I think it was happy blood. I didn't see anyone crying.

Ice cold KOKANEE!

The next show was at the Distillery. Another total RAGER!!

Big thanks to Black Mastiff and Biblical and, of course, the Sword for blowing ears and minds. We can't wait to get back to Calgary!!

EXTRA EXTRA special thanks to our man, Ari, for housing us and taxiing us around for 3 days. You are the shit, buddy!

OK. I'm done. Coyle! Get back on this. It's hard.



  1. Just get to Austin as fast as a pile of drunk Canadians can get you here!

  2. that was my blood, sorry guys. but dont worry, im rock n roll positive.