Monday, February 16, 2009

Springfield, MO. 9/14/09

Look at that damn photo. I put the camera on auto and John still can't make it work. You should see him up there trying to get these crowd shots, it's like a monkey humping a football. The guy can make every limb of his body play a different time measure, but the basics of digital photography are out of his reach. Anyway...

Due to some booking snafu Clutch and Mudvayne had both booked shows on the same night. The promoter thought that the shows might mess with each other so he combined them. This struck me as odd because I couldn't see the Clutch crowd (who are, from what I've seen, blue collar, hard working folk) wanting to watch a band that wears make up, unless it was KISS . Oh well, we had a great time.

Lindberg's took care of us, the crowd was cool as hell—no complaints here. They even had this amazing black velvet of Prince ala Purple Rain in the green room:
Just when you thought he couldn't get any sexier, huh? You can almost hear that Windjammer revin'. Felt like you should have a condom on just to look at that thing.

After the show our new friend Danny put us up at his place. He had the worlds biggest TV:

and the worlds cutest puppy:
I thought a had a photo of Danny, but I can't find it. Sorry buddy. Okay, time to sleep.


Tour To Live!

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  1. Good job rocking faces in Sprongfeld.