Friday, March 20, 2009

Denton, Texas 3/16-18/09

Due to a canceled show in Alabama there was a three day gap between Tampa and our show in Denton. Luckily, Aaron and John's good friend Kayli lives in Denton and was nice enough to put up with us for a couple days. Which was above and beyond since her sister's family was also staying there. So, between her sister's family and us there were seven children running around her family's beautiful home. Thank god Kayli's thirteen-month-old Katie was there to keep us in check. That girl was a bad-ass. Really. She was pounding beers like Lindsey Lohan on the way to rehab:
It's too bad I lost the photos of her crushing all those Jager bombs... Later in the night things got a little tense when she ripped off David's sun glasses and called him a “Punk bitch.”
He had to fight her, what was he going to do, lose face in front of all us? He got whooped, of course, but there are some things you just can't back down from.

A quick dip in the pool the next morning to wash off the shame...
and it was off to Rubber Gloves. This place could be my new favorite place to play. Every person we came in contact with ruled. Really. If you are ever in Denton stop by and tell 'em Red Fang sent ya.

Next stop: SXSW. I hope I can find my scarf and fingerless gloves...


Tour To Live!


  1. It's good to know Coyle is still alive and still Coyle

  2. Denton, TX rules. I'm also in the crowd pic, which makes me happy to see.

    You guys were great, can't wait to see you again.