Monday, August 17, 2009

Killer weekend with LIONS

Our pals, Lions, came through the NW this past weekend and we played 2 ridiculously fun shows with them. The first was Thursday Aug. 13th at the way too small and sweaty East End. Thanks to everyone who crammed in and sweated as much as we did! And to those who were turned away, please try again Saturday Sept. 19th at the roomier Ash St. Saloon. We'll be there with Saviours for MFNW.
Friday, Aug. 14th, we headed up to the Sunset Tavern in Seattle. The opener was Little Cuts, a brand new band featuring some of our old pals. They destroyed. Garagey-Heavy-Pop style.. they even ended their set with a garagey version of Thin Lizzy's "The Rocker"! Lions blew the roof off as always. And what an amazing crowd! AGAIN!! We are feeling the love, Seattle, and want to return it. This was maybe the most fun we've had up there.. yet. We'll be back Sept. 18th at the Comet w/ Saviours. See you then!

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  1. Excellent choice! "The Rocker" is one of my all time favourite Thin Lizzy tunes. In fact just rocked out to it with a buddy of mine the other day.That said, I really would have loved to have caught these shows. How about a Red Fang/Lions mini-tour to the South.San Diego needs another good Casbah show.