Monday, November 23, 2009

Atlanta, GA. 11/22/09

There’s no crowd photo.
Don’t ask.

I’ve been watching the cursor blink for about two hours now. Nothing. Can’t come up with a damn thing. My brain is fried. Too much time in the van, it’s not like nothing happened.

It was Henry’s birthday and he still went out of his way to put on the show. That was awesome.

We finally got to spend some of our Taco Bell bucks:
That’s a whole lotta number three.

Bryan and I got to do the last of some good-old-fashion smoking—inside like god intended.

Nothing like smoking in the great indoors. The burning eyes, the smell of a heavily smoked shirt… Beacons back to a time when light cigarettes were considered a wise health choice and mayonnaise was still considered salad dressing.

All this talk about healthy living makes me want a butt, we'll talk soon.


Tour To Live!


  1. Hail Red Fang!
    That set actually got better and better as it progressed, and the "encore" took it over the top. Well played gents.

    If you recorded that set, I'd love to hear it one day.